A Million Little [happy] Things.

And since its the love day today, so they say, I am posting another set of A Million Little [happy] things. I am hoping this list can make you flash a big smile even if you don’t have a date of some sort, you’ve got to go to work on v-day before the party or you didn’t receive any roses. That’s fine, just read on (with a coffee or wine in hand maybe :)) Let’s see, what makes Jaja happy? [refer to the pic and the list below]

There goes her entry.

There goes her entry.

50.Pink-It makes me feel girly.
[and so everyone agrees.]

51. Vegetables-(the half cooked or the steamed ones)- Those green leafy thing on salads make me drool.

52. Pizza and Pasta-Feels like Italy
[I love it too! Delizioso!]

53. Traveling-Seeing the world with your naked eyes is the probably one of the best experiences in the world.

54. I love singing and talking.A lot.

55. Reading-When you don’t get to travel, read instead.
[She makes a good point right there. Go grab that book.]

56. I am happy to be a pessimist-To lessen my expectations.

57. Writing about random things-It eases pain, insecurities and stress.
[We can all try this. I think its a good exercise.]

58. Being in a relationship.
[I told you guys, this is a valentine entry!]


59. Being with my family.


Hope that made you fall in love with life. Thank you Jaja, my friend, for generously giving us a piece of happiness.

Till the next list,




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